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Tarbuk, Mladen: Tuba's revenge

Tuba's revenge
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The play was based on the diary of the Christian-oriented politician, Ilija Jakovljević, who spent two years in the Jasenovac concentration camp (Eschendorf ). His shocking memories proved to be fertile ground for a dark and claustrophobic play that leaves the viewers breathless. I wanted to recreate this feeling in a composition and from whence the basic idea for one stemmed. ... 
Mladen Tarbuk
Sonata for tuba and piano is an entirely different case and it would be wrong to link it to Jasenovac... simply because of tuba. The first allusion is to the sonata as a genre (that first appears in the Venetian school), but we will notice right away that Tarbuk intends to rely on a cyclic model of the form (three movements). ... 
Nikša Gligo


Cantus d.o.o., 2016.
  Eschendorf | Jasenovac. Jedna hrvatska priča | A Croatian Story  Kvartet XL 
  Sonata za tubu i klavir | Sonata for tuba and piano  Krunoslav Babić, tuba | Srebrenka Poljak, piano