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Miletić, Miroslav: Croatian contemporary composers

Croatian contemporary composers
Croatian contemporary composers
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Composer Miroslav Miletić is in a certain way a unique figure of the second half of Croatian music, and especially of the 21st century music, the period which gave Croatian music characteristics that are distant from the traditional principles that composers such as Miletić kept in years of the mid-20th century long passed, when these principles were a certain moral vertical in elaborating their own music aesthetics.
Miletić belongs to the generation, or more precisely, a group of Croatian composers that were building means of music expression on traditional sources and knowledge, not trying ‘to forget everything they had learned during studies in order to start a new’ – as Milko Kelemen used to say.
(Erika Krpan)

Cantus d.o.o., 2016. 


    Three Kajkavian Songs, for middle-range voice and piano (1956)
1.    White Bridge 
2.    Little Path 
3.    Happy Church 
     Tihana Herceg, mezzosoprano
     Lana Bradić, piano
4. Sonatina for violin and guitar (1981) 
     Allegro / Andante / Allegro
     Tonko Ninić, violin
     Darko Petrinjak, guitar
5. Hommage à Ferdo Livadić – Notturno (1922),
     for piano and strings (2006) 
     Lana Bradić, piano
     Zagreb soloists
6. Folklore cassations for string orchestra (1967) 
     Allegro / Scherzo / Andante tranquillo / Presto
     Zagreb soloists
7. Concerto for harpsichord and strings (1992) 
     Višnja Mažuran, harpsichord
     Zagreb soloists
8. Voice from Dubrovnik, movment for clarinet and strings (1991)
     Bruno Philipp, clarinet
     Zagreb soloists