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Davor Bobić: Five Međimurje Études for violin

Five Međimurje Études for violin
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The international competition YOUNG VIRTUOSOS – ÉTUDES AND SCALES that has comprised piano and violin disciplines alternatively since 1994.
Composer Davor Bobić, uses these études for violin to send us back to the old times when these songs were made and when the voice was accompanied by instruments such as violin, cimbalom, trumpet and trombone, among which the violin played the extremely significant part. The composer is very skilled and clever in linking beautiful tunes of traditional heritage, varying them with important elements of violin technique, using double stops, staccato, serioso, ricochet, spiccato and pizzicato with the left hand. At the same time, except mastering technical issues, he encourages the performer to use imagination and be completely musically involved through various expressions of dynamics, agogics and colouring (robusto, gentile, sul ponticello…).
(Nenad Merle, prof. adviser)


Cantus d.o.o., 2016.

Edition No: Can. 155-3995

ISMN 979-0-801333-99-5