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Kabiljo, Alfi: Komornijada

Concert of Chamber Music
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At the time of the release of this album, Alfi Kabiljo is Croatia’s most prolific composer! He is also the country’s most versatile composer, with over six hundred compositions written in all sorts of genres! The creative opus of this composer, conductor, pianist and producer, librettist and lyric writer, who turned 80 on 22 December 2015, is comprised of musicals, ballets and operas, orchestral music of classical and popular character, chamber music, pop melodies and chansons, music for children, stories and songs, motion picture scores, scores for radiodramas and television series, arrangements, even music for sports events!
Cantus, 2016.

CD 1

THEATER SUITE for piano four-hands*
[1.] The King is Naked from the musical of the same name 
[2.] Bacchanal from the comic opera Casanova in Istria 
       Duo D&B; Dubravka Vukalović; Bruno Vlahek
[3.] MY BEAUTIFUL ZAGREB* From the suite Traveling Flute No. 1 for flute and piano
[4.] VENICE* From the suite Traveling Flute No. 2 for flute and piano (premiere)
       Renata Penezić, flute; Zarija Alajbeg Galuf, piano
[5.] FIDDLER ON THE STREET, suite for violin solo* 
       Andante, Allegro 
       Andante quasi recitativo 
      Anđelko Krpan, violin
[6.] TWO CHAGALLESQUES, for violin and piano* 
      Anđelko Krpan, violin; Tamara Jurkić Sviben, piano
[7.] BALOGIAD, cycle of poems for bass baritone and piano* To the poems by Zvonimir Balog
      Suggestion to Consider 
      Ballad on the Distracted Math Professor 
      Giorgio Surian, bass baritone; Lana Bradić, piano
[8.] PARTY, suite for two pianos* 
      Party at Tamara de Lempicka’s
      This is (not) Bolero 
      Duo D&B; Dubravka Vukalović; Bruno Vlahek
CD 2
[1.] FRIENDLY TRIO for horn, trombone and piano** 
      Friendly Meeting 
      WHP – March (World Hedonist Party 
      Friendly Finale 
      Hrvoje Pintarić, horn; Ivan Mučić, trombone;Tamara Jurkić Sviben, piano
[2.] LIBURNIAN TRIO, suite for flute, cello and piano** 
      The Osor Trio; Renata Penezić, flute; Petar Kovačić, cello; Zarija Alajbeg Galuf, piano
Arias from the opera CASANOVA IN ISTRIA*
[3.] Dorina’s Aria 
[4.] Dorina and Casanova’s Duet 
[5.] Casanova-European 
      Giorgio Surian, bass baritone; Martina Zadro, soprano; Lana Bradić, piano
[6.] ANUNNAKI, suite for ten flutes** 
      Love Games 
      Annu and Aki (Love Theme) 
      Lovers Quarrels 
      Is This the End?
The Zagreb Flute Ensemble; Renata Penezić; Tamara Coha Mandić; Ana Batinica; Jelena Geček; Danijela Klarić Mimica; Lidija Ljubičić; Marija Esih; Ivana Vukojević; Katarina Horvat; Eva Cigić
[7.] JALTA, JALTA from the musical of the same name* 
      Giorgio Surian, bass baritone
      Alfi Kabiljo, piano
[8.] INTERMEZZO from the opera Casanova in Istria* 
      Alfi Kabiljo, piano
[9.] LET THIS WHOLE WORLD from the musical Jalta, Jalta* 
      All soloists
      Alfi Kabiljo, piano