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Ruždjak, Marko: Music for Guitars and Percussion

Music for Guitars and Percussion
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Marko Ruždjak – the composer who created poetry with sound

... Ruždjak was opposed to romantic mentality and was a true inventor in the field of compositional language, so he imposed order over emotion in his works, and applied in them the most modern and highly personalized compositional techniques; he constantly questioned the relation between modernity and tradition, never giving up his human face, and replaced the “privately emotional” expressiveness with the original expressiveness of the musical material until its full potential was depleted.. ...


Darko Petrinjak is a Editor of this CD
Preparation and realization of texts G.A.D. PRODUCTIONS (croatian / english)
Cantus d.o.o., 2016. 
  Notturno, for guitar trio and percussion   
  Canzona - epistle, for alto saxophone and percussion  Dragan Sremec,alto saxophone 
  Frottola, for guitar trio and percussion   
  Septet for Boris, for string quartet and guitar trio  Rucner String Quartet  
  Bordone, for guitar trio and timpani