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Ansambl Ivan Goran Kovačić: Ivan Goran Kovačić Male Chorus

1956 – 2006

Ivan Goran Kovačić Male Chorus | Josip Nalis, conductor


From 1956, when the Ivan Goran Kovačić Male Chorus was established, until 1964, the ensemble singers were also counted among the members of the Collegiate Choir. This bond between the two vocal ensembles within a single society has been preserved to this day while the Chorus has undergone certain changes throughout the past fifty years – it was renamed several times to be precise, but has managed to retain their distinctive 'male' quality. Following specific demands inherent in individual programmes, each addition to the original ensemble has automatically included the members of the Choir, a situation repeated on this recording as well. 

HRT, Cantus d.o.o., 2006. 
Promo 028

Adalbert Marković | Višnja Stahuljak  Dawn in My Town    
Krsto Odak | Psalm 119  I Confess, offertory    
Pavel Grigorievich Chesnokov   Sovet prevechnii  solo alto: Martina Matić Borse 
Zlatko Grgošević   Our Daughters-in-Law and Our Lasses    
Jakov Gotovac   The Donkey, the Father and the Son    
Zlatko Kamenjarin | Vladimir Nazor  The Song of a Galley Slave   guest singers: Kogul Group 
arranged by: Dinko Fio  The Songs of Hvar (Sinoć kad sam ti proša; Izajdi na prozor; U našeg Marina)   
a folk song of the Međimurje region | arranged by: Ivo Kokot  I Was Strolling Last Night    
African-American spiritual song | arranged by: William Goodel   Were You There When They Crucified My Lord  solo baritone: Miroslav Varlec 
African-American spiritual song | arranged by: Josip Nalis  Swing Low, Sweet Chariot  solo baritone: Nikola Vugrinec