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Krsto Odak: Passacaglia Op. 35, No. 1, for string orchestra

Passacaglia Op. 35, No. 1, for string orchestra
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Music Editor’s note
This edition of sheet music has been prepared from the manuscript original, but the printed edition of 1957 has also been consulted (it was published by the Croatian Composers Society). There are certain disputes about small differences in the two versions, mainly relating to different phrasing and bowing. Since the composer was still alive when this edition was printed, it can be assumed that he either made the changes himself or else approved them. On the whole they can be found in the original, although written with thin lines and in pencil. On the other hand, since at that time copying was not standard practice and the original manuscript was often used for performance, it is not to be ruled out that the notes were put in by one of the conductors who performed the work. The only major difference relates to Bars 128-136; the autograph calls for them to be played by muted soloists, but the printed score mentions neither muting nor soloists. It is true that in the manuscript the original markings have been lightly crossed out, but it does not look as if they were the author’s corrections. Since the original version introduces an interesting acoustic contrast to the musical flow of the composition, we have put it into our edition.
Zoran Juranić
Cantus d.o.o., 2015.
Broj izdanja: Can. 125-3643
ISMN 979-0-801333-64-3