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Tudor, Gordan: Post nubila Phoebus

Croatian contemporary music for saxophone
Post nubila Phoebus
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Gordan Tudor, alto saxophone | Ivan Batoš, piano | Trio GIG (Gordan Tudor, alto & soprano saxophone | Goran Jurković, alto saxophone | Ivan Batoš, piano) | Marko Mihajlović, vibraphoen | Craoatian Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra  | Pavle Dešpalj, conductor
“Each composition on this album has, in its own way, marked my career of music interpreter. I am acquainted with all the composers, musically but also personally, I have spent a lot of time working on their compositions and that is why I have a privilege to consider myself a sort of ‘advocate’ for their musical ideas”, says Tudor ...
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Petar Bergamo  Domande senza risposta, for alto saxophone and piano  Gordan Tudor, alto saxophone | Ivan Batoš, piano 
Mirela Ivičević  Jam Spookiku | Post nubila Phoebus for alto saxsophone, electronics and live visuals  Gordan Tudor, alto saxophone 
Viktorija Čop  Two Musical Boxes  Trio GIG 
Pavle Dešpalj  Concerto for alto saxophone and strings  Gordan Tudor, alto saxophone | Croatian Radio and television Symphony Orchestra | Pavle Dešpalj, conductor 
Matthias Kranebitter  Ringelreigen, 18,4g CO2 for tenor saxophone and piano  Gordan Tudor, tenor saxophone | Ivan Batoš, piano 
Ana Horvat  Sax and the Machine for alto saxophone and Kyma  Gordan Tudor, alto saxophone 
Petar Bergamo  Domande senza risposta II for alto saxophone and piano  Gordan Tudor, alto saxophone | Ivan Batoš, piano