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Davor Bobić: Five Carnival Études for piano

Five Carnival Études for piano
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The international competition YOUNG VIRTUOSOS – ÉTUDES AND SCALES that has comprised piano and violin disciplines alternatively since 1994.
Composer Davor Bobić uses the cheerful, funny and rhythmical tune thorughout five études, which becomes more cheerful and resonant in each following one. From the first étude, which is simple and short with only hints of harmonic and rhythmical elements, the author builds up an idea widening the pallet of  expressive means and giving a performer an opportunity to develop a number of piano techniques (double stop, chord, repetition, trill, dissolve, chromatics, octave, cluster, glissando etc.) and thereby master the whole keyboard. In the first three etudes, the composer uses and varies this characteristic tune form Međimurje in 4/4 metre, then transforms it into 3/4 rhythm creating special atmosphere before switching back to the basic metre in the fifth étude, and then after the introductory Adagio, finishes the cycle with Vivace molto. Freshness, expressive dance rhythm, and masterful harmonization make these etudes reflect composer’s skill as well as his affinity to build a thought on a folklore motif using contemporary means of expression. I am convinced that this humorous and lifelike cycle ‘Five Carnival Études’ shall win over audience of all age and become a piano piece often and gladly performed.
(Jelica Kuzmin, prof. adviser)
Cantus d.o.o., 2015.
Edition No: Can. 123-3698
ISMN 979-0-801333-69-8