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Kovačić, Željko i Savin, Igor: Modo novo Live in Dubrovnik


Željko Kovačević, sopran saksofon / soprano saxophone | Igor Savin, glasovir / piano


Željko Kovačević and Igor Savin have recognised the appeal and complexity of melodic expression in Croatian folk songs, which were intended for liturgical celebration in the liturgical year. They have tried to combine old and new, sacral and profane, simple and complex. With their specific virtuosity they have certainly created an atmosphere that can be easily recognised and appreciated by ardent fans of that musical expression regardless of nationality, religion, view of life or race. The mild sound of saxophone, which brings the central theme, and brilliant burst of tones around it attract music lovers who are inclined towards the music of calm, relaxing and somewhat melancholic character.

Recorded at Sponza Palace, in Dubrovnik, August 2nd, 1999 11.00 p.m.

Cantus, 2001. 
988 984 9517 2



     Musica Sacra Antiqua Croatorum


                  Sine Božji                                                          

                  Gospode primi                                                  

                  Bog ni svog sina ne poštedje                            

                  O, srce ljubavi rani te                                        

                  Čuj, Stvoritelju milostiv                                  

                  Zdravo tijelo                                                     

                  Pjevaj hvale, Magdaleno                                  

                  Uskrsnu Isus doista                                           

                  Slava Bogu                                                       

                  Vječna je ljubav njegova                                  

                  Na gozbu Kralja jaganjca