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Prohaska, Miljenko: Autorski album

Autorski album
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CD 1    INTERMEZZO - Ballet, stage and symphonic music
CD 2   ON IT'S OWN WAY - JAZZ music
CD 3    DUE TO AN OLD MELODY - Popular music
Maestro Miljenko Prohaska is an example of a versatile artist intergrated in the Croatian cultural community who enjoys an enviable reputation on the international music scene as well.  He has established himself as a brilliant musician, educated in classical music, eager to create new, high-quality works imbued with the best and most attractive features of the so-called serious, popular or folk music, largely dominated by jazz.
As a superb bassist, composer, arranger and conductor, this autor has further enhanced his extensive oeuvre with pieces following along this lines of "serious" and light orchestral music, witch displays Prohaska's great inspiration and imagination in the selection of instumental colouring, harmonies and rhythm employed in the given themes and musical forms. His music is skillfully composed and arranged for instruments as well as delicate, subtle and expressive. ...

Cantus d.o.o., Croatian Composer's Society, HRT, 2006. 
989 052 0597 2