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Papandopulo, Boris: Quintet for clarinet and string quartet, Op. 90

Quintet for clarinet and string quartet, Op. 90
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Editor's interventions on the score of Boris Papandopulo’s Quintet for clarinet and string quartet include extensive reconstruction procedures and comparison of scores from several sources.

Since the autograph of the score is lost, reconstruction was done by careful examination of the part copy from 1950s stored in the archives of the Zagreb Quartet and the score published in 1960 (the Society of Yugoslav Composers Edition) as well as its new edition from 1977 (Ars Croatica – The Croatian Composers' Society).

The new score is based on the 1977 score, while the part copy was used mainly to compare it with this score.

Numerous differences between the parts and the score arise from interventions on the score material that were done by the author himself or by members of the Zagreb Quartet in cooperation and with the consent of the author. For example, solely in the first movement of the published score there are as many as 154 bars that are missing, but are included in the part copy. There are also frequent differences in score material, articulation and dynamics. Editor's final choice is based on harmony analysis, similar situations in author's other works, and also on contemporary performance practice of this composition.


Cantus d.o.o., 2004.
Edition No: Can. 004-0252
ISMN M-706710-30-3
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