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Papandopulo, Boris : Little Suite for woodwind quintet

 Little Suite for woodwind quintet
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Dedicated to the Zagreb Woodwind Quintet
I -  Pastorale
II - Intermezzo
III - Scherzo
LITTLE SUITE for woodwind quintet, composed in 1944, dedicated to the first generation of the Zagreb Woodwind Quintet (Juraj Hus, Ivo Maretić, Josip Pomykalo, Rudolf Klepač and Stevo Vuković) is one of the most distinguished Croatian chamber music pieces for the wind instruments.
As a longtime member of the second generation of the Zagreb Woodwind Quintet (Zoran Despot, Georg Draušnik, Josip Nochta, Marijan Kobetić and Prerad Detiček), I acquired an extensive experience in interpreting the music of Boris Papandopulo. In this edition I outline a few of my suggestions arising out of the multifold interpretations of this piece of music, as well as resulting from my lecturing experiences with the quintets composed by students of the Zagreb Academy of Music.
My interventions in interpretation of the Little Suite include correct phrasing, adding of arches and stressing the importance of the thematic matter being clearly recognized. Melodious second movement required full legato as attainable with the human voice. At the end of the movement, the flute remained in the high register through fourteen bars, therefore, with the author’s approval, I lowered this part for an octave. In the third movement, I indicated tempo that responded to the character of scherzo. 
It was my desire and my intention to stress the artistic role of the composition, its richness of colours, as well as an intense creative ingenuity of Papandopulo’s opus.
Prerad Detiček
Cantus d.o.o., 2007.
Edition No: Can. 024-0372
ISMN M-706710-37-2
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