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Kunc, Božidar: Three Compositions for Violin and Piano, Op. 4

Score & parts (Original violin part and Fingered violin part)
Three Compositions for Violin and Piano, Op. 4
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This early work by the Croatian pianist and composer Božidar Kunc (Zagreb, 1903 - Detroit, 1964) from 1927 shows the visionary and mature talent of the young artist: the three impressionistic pictures of great originality and stylistic assurance evoke daybreak, the first shy rays of light, then the fiery expansion and finally calm serenity (At Dawn), the lively shifting of interest in children’s games (Children in the Sun) and the vast majesty of the open sea (On the High Seas). The cycle was dedicated “to my colleague Ljerko Spiller”, the celebrated Croatian violinist and teacher (now living in Buenos Aires) ...
Radovan Lorković, 2007
Cantus d.o.o., 2008.
Edition No: Can. 013-0587
ISMN M-706710-58-7