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Klobučar, Anđelko: The Canticle of the Creatures, for organ

The Canticle of the Creatures, for organ
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Music Editor’s note
Klobučar’s compendium consisting of nine organ miniatures composed to St. Francis of Assisi’s literary text, The Canticle of the Creatures, belongs to rare miniature cycles in the Croatian organ music in the 20th century. The first movement, where the Sun worships the Creator, is a magnificent overture to the whole opus and the moment in which Klobučar, in the finest manner, announces all that is about to happen. Klobučar’s composing is defined by the principle of composing and colouring in seconds, fourths and sevenths but never leaving tone surrounding.  The Moon and The Stars follow the big introductory movement with masterly designed display of stars shining and the Moon shimmering. The Wind is a murmur and mumble in the movement coloured in major seconds while The Water has the character of an etude, almost without a pulse but with clear flow which evokes the element very lively. Klobučar brings The Fire in a manner of a scherzo game of a flame while The Earth is presented seriously and firmly but also softly resembling living area determined by the Creator where Klobučar, as a master of polyphony, leans to the form of a fugue. In the meditative movement Forgiveness, Klobučar uses the quotes from The Moon and the Stars movement as if he implies that those who forgive are already touching The Heaven. The Death is a dramatic ostinato movement with the outlines of the Gregorian chant Dies Irae. The Death march is expressively shown in the pedal part as an unstoppable walk but the end brings the appeasement as described in the words of St. Augustine: “Our heart is restless until it rests in You”. The final movement is a magnificent toccata which Klobučar uses to close the cycle acclamatively. ... 
Ante Knešaurek
Cantus d.o.o., 2014.
Edition No: Can. 105-3490
ISMN 979-0-801333-49-0