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Papandopulo, Boris | Šipuš, Berislav: Osor Trilogy (3 DVD)

Live concert recording of the 37th Osor Musical Evenings (2012) - First integral performance
Osor Trilogy (3 DVD)
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Boris Papandopulo: Osor Requiem

Boris Papandopulo: Osor Mystery

Berislav Šipuš: Osor Lamentation


Soloists, HRT Choir, members of HRT Symphony Orchestra

Conductors: Marko Letonja, Tonči Bilić, Berislav Šipuš


At the initiative of the founder and director of the Osor Musical Evenings Daniel Marušić (1931 - 2009), Boris Papandopulo (1906 - 1991), one of the most prominent and most prolific Croatian composers, wrote two parts of  a planned trilogy, which was supposed to consist of the Osor Requiem, Osor Mystery and Lamentation of the Osor People. ... Boris Papandopulo died in 1991 and the creating of the Osor Trilogy was stopped. Still, in order to complete the project, in 2007 Daniel Marušić gave the composer Berislav Šipuš all of the documents, texts and music material that he collected, encouraging him to compose the final part of the trilogy. And so he wrote the Osor Lamentation for soloists, a mixed choir and a chamber ensemble. ... The author dedicated this composition to the memory of Daniel Marušić. Croatian musical heritage of large oratorio pieces has been enriched with achievements which reflect the masterly compositional skills based on musical archetypes and primordial inspiration by words originating from the Croatian land. Academician Boris Papandopulo has chieved, in the first two parts of the Osor Trilogy, music which in the fullness of the composer’s typical expressiveness reaches great effective quality. His Osor Requiem and Osor Mystery both dive steadily into exciting adventures of the modern age. That is why the performance of the complete Osor Trilogy at the 2012 Osor Musical Evenings is especially important, just as is the reminding of the greatness of the realized works, as well as giving praise to Croatian vocal-instrumental heritage, for which those still unacquainted listeners will undoubtedly be grateful.

(dr. sc. Zdenka Weber) 

croatian / english

HRT - Cantus d.o.o., 2013.