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Papandopulo, Boris: Croatian Mass in D minor, Op. 86

for mixed choir, soprano, alto, tenor i baritone solo a cappella (1939.)
Croatian Mass in D minor, Op. 86
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Adela Golac-Rilović, soprano | Martina Gojčeta-Silić, alto | Tvrtko Stipić, tenor | Tomislav Bekić, baritone | choir of Croatian Radio and Television | Tonči Bilić, conductor


... This Croatian Mass in D minor was written for a large mixed choir, solo soprano, alto, tenor and baritone a cappella. The performance of its six sections runs for about an hour. The work was composed a cappella, i. e. without any accompaniment by either orchestra or organ. My intention was primarily to facilitate and simplify the performance, especially since the choral society will sing the Mass on tour of Croatia in places where there is no orchestra or a decent organ. On the other hand, I wanted to emphasize that Croatian choral music mainly consists of a cappella singing. Our people sing without accompaniment, and it is a well-known fact that this form of singing is characteristic for Croats.  ...

Boris Papandopulo

A concert recording taken from the Sfumato cycle at the Mimara Museum in Zagrebu on  16th  March 2004

Score published in Ars croatica score edition (HDS - Cantus, 989 052 0207 5, ISMN M-706710-29-7). 

  Gospode Pomiluj | Kyrie   
  Slava | Gloria   
  Vjerovanje | Credo   
  Svet | Sanctus   
  Blagosloven | Benedictus   
  Jaganjče Božji | Agnus Dei