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Slovenski komorni zbor: Anthology of Croatian Choral Music, vol. 1

Slovenian Chamber Choir | Vladimir Kranjčević, conductor


Choral music as a type is an  important feature of the Croatian music achievements of the 20 th  century , particularly of its first half, between the two World Wars. Choir singing in a number of amateur  societies and choirs in most of the Croatian towns nourished  national self – confidence at that time.This, naturally,  encouraged  the composers and vice versa.

The choral setting was the most suitable vechile for the first layer of a plait of traditional culture and arts,  and was largely  applied by the authors born at the turn  between  the 19 th and the 20 th century.

The selection prepared for this recording is not an  anthology  because an anthology selection would   require a broader view  of the entire  Croatian choral music of the 20 th century and also a selection which would include a far greater number of works than this.

However, the works presented in this recording would make part of any anthology, which renders  them a special role among the achievements of the Croatian choral music of the 20 th century. 


Cantus, MIC KDZ, HRT, HDS, 2000. 
CD 1, CD 2 
988 984 972 

Boris Papandopulo  Nad grobom ljepote djevojke, za mješoviti zbor, op. 39   
Boris Papandopulo  Dodolice, a traditional folk ceremony for soprano, girls' choir and piano, op. 27  Miljenka Grđan, soprano | Vladimir Krpan, piano 
Stjepan Šulek  Bašćanska ploča   
Krsto Odak  Madrigal   
Božidar Širola  Missa poetica