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Kenig, Tadej: Dialogue de l'ombre double

Dialogue de l'ombre double
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Clarinet recording: Tadej Kenig
Sound design: Juraj Grosinger

The poetics of the six compositional styles on this compact disc displays distinct and substantial differences. However, they all deal with related matters, while the distinctiveness of the particular level forms a complementary scope for the reception of these scores. Thea Musgrave has opted for pronounced evocation of the programmatic principle, the sonatas of Tiberiu Olah and Edison Denissow are studies that realize distinctive compositional techniques within the scope of formal thought, while Penderecki has condensed the sound in a clear realm of melodic progression. Berio fragmented the internal structure of gesture and explores the speed and substantiality of reflection, while Boulez has sharpened the ultimate quality of the discipline inherent in musical thought. His choice of dialogue endorses and makes even more profound the mirror image of the beautiful by the response of the same/the other (the artificial) - the passages, as well as by the sequence (a succession of stanzas and transitions). The last track on the CD, Boulez's composition channels additionally, not only at the symbolic level, the essence of contemporary musical idiom created in the second half of the 20th century. This has mostly been achieved by underlying and re-defining the necessity of reflecting upon music as always something made (moreover, unrealizable without the most sublime intellectual and creative efforts and capacities), and hence artificial, which abandons as futile starting point the polarity tentatively called nature as against science. Such a position often results in misinterpretations both in composition and in the approach to contemporary music as well as in a distorted perspective on the works comprising the entire heritage of European serious music. (Dodi Komanov) 

Cantus, 2007. 
989 052 0467 2

Thea Musgrave  Narcissus, for solo clarinet and digital delay    
Luciano Berio  Sequenza IXa, for solo clarinet   
Tiberiu Olah  Sonata No. 1 for Clarinet    
Edison Denisov  Sonata for Clarinet    
Krzysztof Penderecki  Prelude for Solo Clarinet    
Pierre Boulez  Dialogue de l'ombre double for Clarinet and Electronics