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Horvat, Stanko: Music for Strings

Croatian contemporary composers
Music for Strings
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Cantus – HDS – HRT, 2004. 
988 052 0191 2

  Chorale, for strings  Strings of the Symphony Orchestra of the Zagreb R 
  Perpetuum mobile, for strings  Zagreb Soloists | Igor Gjadrov, conductor 
  Quartetto, for strings quartet  Klima String Quartet  
  Three capriccos, for violin and piano  Josip Klima, violin | Edi Terbovc, piano 
  Jeu de cloches, for marimbaphone and string quartet  Igor lešnik, marimbaphone | Zagreb Quartet 
  Kafkophonie, for guitar and string quartet  Darko Petrinjak, giutar | Rucner String Quartet