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Simfonijski orkestar HRT-a: 8 decades

8 decades
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Croatian Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra

... The Symphony Orchestra of Croatian Radio Television started its activity as early as 1930, only four years after the beginning of the broadcasts of what was then Radio-Zagreb. The year 1951 saw the founding of the Chamber Orchestra of Radio-Zagreb, which won a fi ne reputation at home and abroad under the leadership of its fi rst conductor, Antonio Janigro, after whom it was guided by Stjepan Šulek and Pavle Dešpalj. The orchestra was gradually enlarged and from 1957 it started performing under the title of the Symphony Orchestra of Radio-Television Zagreb. ...
An exceptionally important segment of the activity of the Symphony Orchestra of Croatian Radio Television is its unremitting concern for the Croatian music heritage and contemporary creative work, and these two CDs constitute a kind of cross–section of the development of Croatian music over about a century and a half, from the elegant Grande Polonaise of Vatroslav Lisinski, written in Prague in the tumultuous and revolutionary year of 1848, when the ferment of ideas and political concepts created national hopes among the Czechs and Croats, to the Sarabande of Frano Parać and Epicurus’ Garden of Ivo Josipović from the 1980s, which preceded the ultimate fruition of these hopes. The CDs contain some of the pivotal works of Croatian music: Sunny Fields by Blagoje Bersa and Symphonic Round Dance [Kolo] by Jakov Gotovac as well as several works in the oeuvres of other composers, Boris Papandopulo, Bruno Bjelinski, Stjepan Šulek and Natko Devčić that have, each in its own way, marked a particular moment of Croatian music or that are particularly associated with a given chief conductor. The selection of recordings is a cross section through the very work of the orchestra, from a studio recording of 1969 to the most recent live recording in a concert in the Master Cycle of CRT of October 28, 2010. The prime condition for a recording to be selected was that the works had to be conducted by one of the chief conductors of the Symphony Orchestra of the Croatian Radio Television, from Pavle Dešpalj to Nikša Bareza.

Marija Barbieri 

Cantus d.o.o., 2010. 
98898 496852

Blagoje Bersa  Sunny Fields  Milan Horvat, conductor 
Bruno Bjelinski  Ninth Symphony, “Island”  Vladimir Kranjčević, conductor 
Boris Papandopulo  Concerto for timpani and orchestra  Krešimir Šipuš, conductor | Bonnie Lynn–Adelson, timpani 
Jakov Gotovac  Dance of Grief and Dignity from the mountain Dinara, op. 24  Josef Daniel, conductor 
Jakov Gotovac  Symphonic Kolo, op.12  Josef Daniel, conductor 
Vatroslav Lisinski  Grande polonaise  Pavle Dešpalj, conductor 
Stjepan Šulek  First Classical Concerto for Orchestra  Pavle Dešpalj, conductor 
Frano Parać  Sarabanda  Uroš Lajovic, conductor 
Natko Devčić  Istrian suite  Oskar Danon, conductor 
Jakov Gotovac  Dalmaro’ s aria  Branka Stilinović, soprano | Nikša Bareza, conductor 
Ivo Josipović  Epicurus’ Garden  Nikša Bareza, conductor