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Radica, Ruben: Croatian contemporary composers

Croatian contemporary composers
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An outstanding representative of the avant-garde in Croatia, composer Ruben Radica has actevly participated in the musical currents of his time since the very beginning of his active career.

Cantus – HDS – HRT, 2005. 
989 052 045 02 

  Ka*Toward a, for two groups of instruments and synthesizer  Southwest German Radio Symphony Orchestra, Baden-Baden | Zlatko Tanodi, synthesizer | Ernest Bour, conductor 
  Three Sonnet Bagatelles, for (reciter and) instrumental sextet  Zlatko Crnković, reciter | Zagreb Guitar Trio | Tamara Coha-Mandić, flute | Elvira Hap vibraphone/marimbaphone | Mia Elezović & Damir Gregurić, piano 
two sonnets by Antun Gustav Matoš  The 13th Hour, for three choirs and orchestra  Croatian Radio and Television Choir | Students' choir of the Zagreb Academy of Music | Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra | Chikara Iwamura, conductor 
  Four Studies in Persistence, for saxsophone quartet  Zagreb Saxophone Quartet 
  The Passion, for baritone and three gropus of instruments  Vladimir Ruždjak, baritone | Zagreb Radio and Television Symphonyc Orchestra | Igor Gajdrov, conductor