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Ruždjak, Marko: Spiritual

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Davorin Brozić, clarinet, bass clarinet, udaraljke | Martina Gojčeta Silić, mezzo-sopran | Dario Golčić, oboe | Danijel Martinović, bass clarinet | Branko Mihanović, oboe | Žarko Perišić, basson | Milko Pravdić,  E-flat clarinet | Marcelo Zelenčić, clarinet
Ruždjak’s dialectic narrative assertively shapes the musical language approaching absolute purity of expression and lyrical clarity free from excessive “private emotionality” and almost emancipated to the level of distinctive musical parameter. He achieves this by subtle reduction, care for detail, refined stylisation of material and its assemblage, cultivated sense of manipulation of musical time and extraction of certain elements, the contours of which merge with the shape of the work in the musical process ...
(Tomislav Oliver)
croatian / english
Cantus d.o.o., 2014.
  Gemini, for oboe and bass clarinet  Dario Golčić | Davorin Brozić 
  Spiritual, for clarinet quartet  Milko Pravdić | Davorin Brozić | Marcelo Zelenčić | Danijel Martinović 
  Après une lecture de Blake, for bass clarinet and percussion  Davorin Brozić 
  Musette, for oboe, clarinet and bassoon  Branko Mihanović | Davorin Brozić | Žarko Perišić 
  Versus, for mezzo-soprano and clarinet  Martina Gojčeta Silić | Davorin Brozić 
  Yours sincerely..., for clarinet solo  Davorin Brozić