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Bergamo, Petar: Croatian contemporary composers

Croatian contemporary composers
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What makes Bergamo’s creative and human position in time exceptional — in both music and life — inheres in his exceptional ability to see in advance most of what will come aft er, and in the resistance to its forces of entropy, an existential stance of the highest fervour and risk. Th is capacity involves not only awareness of the consequences but also a consciousness of his own responsibility and, of course, weighs heavy upon every move he makes, in life and in music..“  
(Eva Sedak) 


Cantus d.o.o., 2010. 
98898 497912

  Quartetto d´archi  Klima String Quartet 
  Concerto abbreviato, for solo clarinet  Milko Pravdić, clarinet 
  Variazioni sul tema interrotto for piano  Pavica Gvozdić, piano 
  Musica concertante, studi per orchestra sinfonica  Symphony Orchestra of Croatian RTV | Ivo Lipanović, conductor 
  Second Symphony  Symphony Orchestra of Croatian RTV | Fred Buttkewitz, conductor 
  Spiriti eccellenti, collection of madrigals for girls’ choir and obligato instruments to verses of Marine Čapalija  Girls’ Choir of the Opera of CNT Split | Ivo Lipanović, conductor 
  Canzoni antiche, for oboe, clarinet and bassoon  Zagreb Woodwind Trio 
  First Symphony  Symphony Orchestra of Croatian RTV | Vladimir Kranjčević, conductor 
  Navigare necesse est, poema sinfonico  Symphony Orchestra of Croatian RTV | Mladen Tarbuk, conductor