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Obradović, Zokić & Perestegi: Dance of Angels

Dance of Angels
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Petar Obradović, /rumpet | Marin Zokić, trumpet | Mario Perestegi, organ 

Dance of Angels
As the prayers fell silent, closed prayer-books and neatly put
rosaries remained on the benches, there was a smell of freshly
picked flowers in the air, and of the yellow wax from burneddown
candles. Revived by the sunrays, the angels walked
out of the stained-glass windows and were suspended in the
air under the ceiling, carried around by a warm southern
wind, and listening to the silence left to them. And then, one
by one, they were high up in the air, lining pattern sheets for
secret dresses of the night, only known to them. Exaltedly
playing with abandoned and scattered around music papers
of the tired organist and the negligent trumpeter.
Forgetting the picture they came out of and the scene an
unknown master offered them. While dreaming about
the dance of angels. And the cause only he knew for the
sudden play of cherubs and seraphs.
D. Mojaš, Dubrovnik, 2007

croatian / english

Cantus d.o.o., 2009. 
989 052 09002

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