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Glassl, Nikola: Croatian contemporary composers

Croatian contemporary composers
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As this first composer’s CD brings three compositions created in different periods of his creative activity, some elements should firstly be brought to attention, which provide his creative development with a common composing denominator, strong connection with the tradition of European music of the first half of the 20th century. In particular, Glassl’s composing creed reveals an authentic musicality, positioning in the centre of attention the traditional music parameters: melody, harmony and rhythm. Working out of these elements, his music is achieved in a neoromantic, even neo–baroque idiom, with melodic movements, which can be followed spontaneously and with a rich, saturated harmonic flow that does not abandon tonality. Traditional starting points are also implied to by the pregnant rhythmical and the motoric features of his musical language. Glassl places the sensational inspiration at the centre of attention, and his compositions convince us of an excellent composer’s intuition, accentuated “musical literacy” and vast knowledge of harmonic effectiveness, as well as the high level of counterpoint management and variation imagination.

(dr. sc. Zdenka Weber) 

croatian / english

Cantus d.o.o., 2013. 

  Concerto for piano and orchestra in C minor  Nikola Paskalov, piano | Croatian Radio Television Symphony Orchestra | Pavle Dešpalj, conductor 
  Three Miniatures for saxophone quartet  Zagreb Saxophone Quartet 
  Sinfonietta Drammatica for string orchestra  Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra | Ivan Repušić, conductor