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Antoniazzo, Nataša: Baroque Music from Northern Croatia

Song selection from collection “XVIII century Franciscan song collections in Croatia” - “Cantilenae chorales pro conventu Warasdinensi”
Baroque Music from Northern Croatia
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Nataša Antoniazzo, mezzosopran |  mezzo-soprano

Višeslav Jaklin, orgulje |  organ


The selected baroque spiritual songs in this edition were found (except “Cessa cessa sors mundana”) in the old Franciscan manuscript collection “Cantilenae chorales pro conventu Warasdinensi”. Owing to the good will of Ennio Stipčević, the collection was brought out of the Franciscan convent in Varaždin and consigned to our use. The original manuscript, archived in Varaždin’s Franciscan convent, was heavily damaged during the years, hence a lot of the pages are missing, including the cover, making the attribution and date confirmation difficult. 
This is what Josip Mantuani says in “Saint Cecilia” from 1924: “The manuscript contains Latin, German and Croatian songs, which makes it interesting in terms of hymns. The songs are mostly - although not all - from the 18th century; it has still not been determined which of them are entirely original and which were composed to the themes older songs. From a glance, all songs are quite unusual. I hereby disclose the content with the manuscript and advise that the manuscript was heavily damaged. Several (18) pages were torn our, and from those preserved, some are incomplete, because the parts containing the text were torn out. Nevertheless, the manuscript, being indeed preserved, has been repaginated, so the pages containing individual songs can be marked.”

croatian / english

Cantus d.o.o., 2013. 

01. Veni amor dilectissime
02. Cor meum tibi offero - Cithara octochorda str. 94 (Cor tibi Jesu offero)
03. Gde si Jesus, moja jakost  -Cithara octochorda str. 213 - 214
       Printed with Latin text (Ego Jesus sum formosus)
04. Qvo me Deus amore - Cithara octochorda str. 184
05. Veni sancte spiritus 
06. Maria gustum sentio - Cithara octochorda str. 267 - 268
07. En sub pane - Cithara octochorda str. 185 - 186
       Found with a different melody 
08. Salve fons deliciarum - Cithara octochorda str. 186 - 187
09. Cessa,cessa sors mundana - Cithara octochorda str. 206
       Found in the Čakovec song collection by Konrad Potočnik in 1735
10. Gde si Jesus ljubav moja - In Cithara the song was printed in Latin (Amor mea vita) str. 206
11. Eja cor meum - Cithara octochorda str. 220 – 222
12. Zdravo Bože - In Cithara the song was printed in Latin (Salve Deus) str. 205
13. O ljubav kam zoveš  - In Cithara the song was printed in Latin (O amor qvo vocas) pp. 196 - 197, and in Varaždin song collections there is also a version in Latin
14. Qvid arma qvid vires - Cithara octochorda str. 162
15. Veni calor veni flamma 
16. Adoro te devote 
17. Qvando tandem dilecte Jesu - recitative and aria
18. Gustate et videte - recitative and aria