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Filjak, Martina | Pavlović, Marija: Music... Friendship

piano | clarinet
Music... Friendship
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Two artists, generationally close and of similar musical tastes, recorded this CD together and included in it scores for clarinet and piano, two of which – one by Petar Bergamo (Concerto abbreviato) and another by Igor Stravinsky (Three Pieces) – were written for clarinet solo. Along with the compositions by Francis Poulenc, Debussy and Robert Schumann, the CD includes another work of Croatian author, The Elegy for clarinet and piano by Anđelko Klobučar. Frequent concert collaboration between the musicians has led to their first recording, all the more interesting because of the distinctive features of their respective careers – the international success of Martina Filjak and the international collaboration of Marija Pavlović with numerous European chamber and orchestral ensembles.

Musical comments in the bilingual edition accompanying the program booklet were written by the musicologist Marija Bergamo (Croatian / English).


The CD MUSIC ... FRIENDSHIP received three Porin Music Awards in 2011:

Porin for Best Classical Music Album

Porin for Best Production of Classical Music Album

Porin for Best Classical Music Recording

Cantus d.o.o., 2010. 
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