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Gašparović, Ljubomir: Once Upon a Time....

Once Upon a Time....
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... The link between the compositions on this album are childhood memories. And while Kunc evokes the images from his childhood in the most impressive Early Leaves miniatures with joy and melancholy, Detoni tells about his own, present-to-date, boyhood dreams and fantasies in Danijel's Dream. ...

(Filip Makkay)

Cantus, Croatian Composer's Sociaty, 2007. 
989 052 07402

Božidar Kunc  Early Leaves op. 20   
Božidar Kunc  Six Bagatelles op. 44   
Božidar Kunc  In Retrospect op. 56   
Dubravko Detoni  Nine Scenes from Danijel’s Dream   
Dubravko Detoni  Single-Tone Pieces