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Očić, Ljerka: Croatian Organ Music III

Croatian Organ Music III
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An invaluable contribution made by Professor Ladislav Šaban in organological research encompasses documents listing some eight hundred organs in Croatia - about six hundred of them were found in the continental regions of the country and about two hundred in the coastal areas. The condition of the instruments found varied considerably, but what comes as a surprise is their number, the quality of sound and a diversity of visual presentation. ...
The Croatian organ-playing heritage can thus be perceived within a context of the continental central European and Mediterranean cultures with each of them leaving distinctive marks on Croatian music.
A strong and stable bond has been formed between the organ and temples. The organ has thus become immanently sacred, a semiotic instrument of religion, an instrument which, over the course of history, has been deeply rooted and woven into the underlying reflections on spirituality nurtured by mankind, translating them into the universal language of music.

Cantus d.o.o., 2009. 
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Tomaso Cecchini  Hor mai  Lidija Horvat-Dunjko, soprano | Ljerka Očić, organ 
Tomaso Cecchini  Sospirava Maria  Lidija Horvat-Dunjko, soprano | Ljerka Očić, organ 
Anonymous - Croatia, 18th century  Sonata in G major  Stanko Arnold, piccolo trumpet | Ljerka Očić, organ 
Ivan pl. Zajc  Offertorium pastorale  Lidija Horvat-Dunjko, soprano | Helena Lucić, mezzo-soprano | Ljerka Očić, organ 
Tomislav Uhlik  Pro bono  Jelena Očić-Flaksman, violoncello | Ljerka Očić, organ 
Davor Bobić  Resurrection  Ljerka Očić, Srećko Bradić, organ 
Miljenko Prohaska  Prelude for Jelena and Ljerka  Jelena Očić-Flaksman, violoncello | Ljerka Očić, organ 
Miljenko Prohaska  Variations on the Pathelin Theme  Ljerka Očić , organ | Mladen Janjanin, piano | Elvira Happ, marimba | Dragan Sremec, saxophone | Danijel Martinović, bass clarinet | Miljenko Prohaska, electric upright bass 
Miljenko Prohaska  Epilogue  Jelena Očić-Flaksman, violoncello | Ljerka Očić, organ