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Simply Brass: Camminate

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Dario Teskera, 1st trumpet | Rudolf Homen, 2nd trumpet | Hrvoje Pintarić, horn | Alan Bošnjak, trombone | Željko Kertez, tuba


Simply Brass Quintet has been in existence for four years during which time it held numerous outstanding concerts in Croatia (Zagreb, Varaždin, Slavonski Brod, Kutina, Koprivnica, Delnice, Zabok, Velika Gorica, Fužine, Šibenik, Supetar, Gospić, Vrbovec, Opatija, Rijeka) and abroad (Sarajevo, Kotor). The Quintet’s most important concert was the performance of Eric Ewazen’s composition Shadowcatcher for brass quintet and large wind orchestra at the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall (accompanied by the Orchestra of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia). The ensemble’s repertoire is very diverse. It includes original works by contemporary composers, adaptations of compositions for brass ensembles dating from the Baroque, Classical period and Romanticism, traditional Negro spirituals, jazz compositions and popular melodies. The Quintet, which also plays in school halls, regularly promotes brass wind instruments among the youth. ...

There are two important features of almost all compositions by the seven living Croatian authors featured on this CD. First, there is a danceability which is, as one of the primary sources, the roots of sound, put into the limelight. And then there is a composer’s principle to confront different, even contrasting expressive-stylistic factors while developing a composition, with every author, perfectly understandably, doing it in his own, unique way. ...

(Dubravko Detoni)


croatian / english

Cantus d.o.o., 2010


Tomislav Uhlik  Four Dances   
Miljenko Prohaska  In Arboretum   
Ivo Josipović  Czardas  Guest: Marko Bobičanec, 1st trumpet  
Berislav Šipuš  Dies irae   
Dalibor Grubačević  Two Rivers   
Marko Ruždjak  Camminate   
Damir Butigan  The Sadness of the Moon