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Odak, Krsto: Heritage

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... His opus, which contains more than 350 works, refl ects a variety of styles in the Croatian music of the fi rst half of the 20th century — from the late Romantic expressionism and modernism to nationalist style and the first signs of the new music towards the mid-20th century. ...
Tatjana Čunko

Cantus d.o.o., 2009. 
989 052 08872

  Sonata for violin and piano, op. 1 in E minor  Tomislav Šestak, violin | Ranko Filjak, piano 
  Pasacaglia for strings, op. 35 c  String Section of the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra | Igor Gjadrov, conductor 
  The Second Suite for strings, op. 64  String Section of the Zagreb Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra | Boris Papandopulo, conductor 
  The Third Symphony, op. 72  Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra | Milan Horvat, conductor