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Stahuljak, Juraj: From Opus

From Opus
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Juraj Stahuljak (1901. – 1975.), Once he commented on the inspiration, orientation, technical and stylistic features of his musical idiom by saying, ‘I draw on a number of sources for my inspiration. The first and the strongest incentive (...) emerges from the personal experience, be it happy or sad, it varies. Unfortunately, the latter one prevails. (...) Further, I often found inspiration while I was studying and playing works from the periods of classicism and Romanticism (first of all, the Croatian, then Czech and Russian movements, etc.). / My music is based on the Croatian folk music of various regions. I create the themes in my works and their elaboration in relation to folk music. As far as the technique is concerned, I make efforts to keep it on a high level, that is to display that I have mastered the required compositional skills. All this clearly indicates that I am a romanticist. / As far as the form is concerned, most of my compositions have been created in the style of classicism – the sonata form, the form of song, with a clear and well-laid out course of parts, and with foregrounded emotions (romanticism, impressionism)’. (Source: Truda Reich, Encounters with the Contemporary Composers of Yugoslavia, Zagreb, 1972, p. 313).

Cantus d.o.o., 2007. 
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  Second String Quartet, op. 15  Zagreb Quartet 
  Piano Quintet from the Vlatko cycle, op. 14, no.1  Ida Gamulin, piano | Zagreb Quartet 
  Sonata for violoncello and piano, the Vlatko cycle, op. 14, no.2   Andrej Petrač, violoncello | Tomaž Petrač, piano 
  Compositions for Piano and Piano Quintet from the Vlatko cycle, op. 14, no. 3  Vladimir Krpan, piano | Ida Gamulin, piano | Zagreb Quartet 
  Second Piano Trio ('Romantic'), op. 7  Orlando Trio