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Magdić, Josip: Croatian contemporary composers

Croatian contemporary composers
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Over 230 works, /s. Magdic; www.J.Magdic-Organist and Composer/, that Josip Magdić composed for a wide variety of ensembles, ranging from soloist, chamber, symphonic and vocal–instrumental to electroacoustic, fi lm and multimedia music, have been performed in nearly all European countries, as well as in USA, Asia and Australia.
He was born on March 19, 1937. He attended a classical–languages secondary school and music school in Zagreb. He completed the studies of music and Croatian language at the Teachers’ Training College and went on to study at the Academy of Music, University of Ljubljana: the organ with P. Rančigaj, conducting under D. Švara and composition under L. M. Škerjanc in whose class he also won his master’s degree. In 1967 he was appointed professor and headmaster of the music school in Bjelovar. From 1970 he taught at the Academy of Music, University of Sarajevo as lecturer, and as assistant professor  from 1972, when he founded the OMUS Ensemble as its artistic leader. In 1977 he established the MASMANTRA Group and joined it with the electroacoustic workshop (EAR). In 1985 he became full professor at the Sarajevo Academy of Music. In the course of 25 years that he spent working in Sarajevo, he taught composition, orchestration, polyphony, music analysis, contemporary notation and electroacoustic music. He spent the last two and a half years in the besieged city, but even then he kept composing. The Notes of War ’92, as well as his organ works, composed between 1992 and 1994, and recorded under the title Dominus conterens bella, are an expression of vehement spite and an outcry against aggression. He often appeared as soloist performing his own works on the organ on concert tours in Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, Canada and USA. Since 1995 he has been employed as full professor of music–theoretical subjects at the Academy of Music of the University of Zagreb.
(Maja Oršić Magdić)
croatian / english

Cantus d.o.o., 2010. 
989 984 91042

  Music for Clarinet, Saz and Electronics  MASMANTRA Group 
  Our Father - Glagolitic for mixed choir  Croatian Radio and Television Choir | Tonči Bilić,conductor 
  Strettamente for chamber ensemble  SONEMUS Chamber Ensemble | Matthias Kuhn, conductor 
  Dhyāna for soprano and chamber ensemble  Marija Kuhar Šoša, soprano | Cantus Ensemble | Berislav Šipuš, conductor 
  Constellation for symphony orchestra  Sarajevo Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra | Radivoj Spasić, conductor 
  Nokturno for soprano, baritone and symphony orchestra  Vjera Miranović, soprano | Neven Belamarić, baritone | Sarajevo Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra | Oskar Danon, conductor 
  Concerto for Orchestra NGC 5128  Sarajevo Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra | Josip Magdić, conductor