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Josipović, Ivo: Passo sempio

Opus for the piano and harpsichord
Passo sempio
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Katarina Krpan, piano and harpsichord  | Ivo Josipović (the second piano section was interpreted by the author Ivo Josipović)


Ivo Josipović wrote several pieces for the piano and harpsichord which, as regards the overall recording and means, contain features which are recognizable in many other pieces written for other instruments or ensembles, so one can speak about the piano section of Josipović’s current opus as a kind of paradigm of his music opus as a whole.

croatian / english

Cantus d.o.o., 2011. 
98898 492412

  Glass Bead Game, prelude   
  The Hearing Forest, prelude for the harpsichord   
  Études for an Animated Cartoon   
  Zagreb Rag, for the harpsichord   
  Passo sempio, for the four-handed piano